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We offer an independent adviser referral service and support to women who are engaging with the financial services industry during a difficult time following a divorce, death of a spouse or inheritance.

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Initial Consultation (Free)

An obligation-free initial discussion to determine if we can help you.

Consultations can be delivered remotely via technology so you can receive help from anywhere you feel comfortable to chat, reducing the need to take time off work or arrange childcare to go to professionals’ offices.

Adviser Referral Service

We meet with you to identify your need for an accountant or financial adviser.

We then provide you with a shortlist of 2 advisers and discuss with you their

  • experience
  • business model
  • range of services and
  • approach to providing advice

We attend the initial meeting with you and each referred adviser, as well as helping you negotiate and understand the fee arrangement with the adviser you choose.

We work with a range of different advisers from sole practitioners with unique services to Big 4 professional services firms and global investment banks.

Financial Guidance & Education

We aim to provide you with guidance and access to resources so that you feel in control of your financial affairs.

We will attend meetings with you and your adviser to support you through the process and help build your financial capabilities and confidence.

If you are unsure if our services are right for you see the clients we work with and the questions we help them answer.

We want as many women as possible to feel confident about engaging with the Financial Services industry so we have
developed a free guide to:

The 5 things you must know before engaging a financial adviser

We value your privacy and will not sell or share your details to 3rd parties. Further information can be seen in our privacy policy.

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